UPDATE: October 8, 2017

Hey CRS peeps,
This is an in-depth update on where everything stands and where we are headed. It’s been a pretty wild ride since the CRS event. This ride has taught me a lot about business, people, and most of all, me.

CRS started as a bold series of ideas I had to combine the worlds of augmented reality, gamification, and blockchain technologies. The genesis of my idea came from a simple augmented reality (AR) mobile app I built as proof of concept.

Here are several links to video demos of that app:

AR Demo 1

AR Demo 2

AR Demo 3

AR Demo 4

AR Demo 5

AR Demo 6

AR Demo 7

That app is an augmented reality campaign builder for customer engagement. It’s kind of like a “WordPress for AR”. My goal was to create a simple app that anyone could use to create their own gamified customer experiences on the fly from anywhere.

I built that app myself to prove out the concept. You take a picture and then upload a 3D model, then you create a marketing campaign from it. You can do it anywhere with instant distribution to all your customers. It creates a whole new kind of auto-responder series. It turns any printed book into a completely new adventure.

Imagine authors that have a large readership with thousands of books already distributed out into the world. Using my app they take a picture of a page in their book and add any augmented reality experience they want to it. They hit save and send. The campaign is instantly distributed to that author’s readership who have their app.

They then send an email to their readership saying,

“Hey go hold up our app to page XX in my book. I’ve left a special message for you there.”

That’s the start of a completely new kind of marketing and engagement campaign. Of course, every kind of metric you can imagine is tracked. And its easy to serialize that content for a whole new kind gamified customer experience.

The demo app I built works and works great. The concepts in that app will soon be as common as ClickFunnels or WordPress is today. I can see the world moving that way clearly.

So I set out to build upon that idea and create a new company around it. CRS was born.

We’ve had a tough startup phase as with any startup. We had some attrition on the team. We’ve had some struggles to meet deadlines. We’ve had to pivot, a LOT. But the vision and mission have remained the same.

Gamified mobile apps tied to private blockchains, is the future. No question. (This guy spells out my vision better than me.)

It’s still a great idea and great vision. And I’m not stopping.

Prior to the CRS event, I spent a significant amount of money to hire a mobile app development company. Their task was to take my demo AR campaign builder app and make it production-ready. (That means to turn a toy demo app into a real app that’s scalable for thousands of users.)

The first phase of that app launched at the CRS event at the end of May. So far so good, most everyone saw that app.

But I personally have never seen that app. The company that built that app never delivered the source code to me. So I have not had an app to deliver to CRS customers as promised.

I spent the money. I hired a capable team. Yet they couldn’t perform and won’t give me the code I paid for.

So for a few months I’ve been stuck in a bad situation. We paid to have the app built and have no app. It’s like being between a rock and a hard place. They got paid in full. CRS got nothing in return.

To top it off, we had a lot of attrition on the team that couldn’t keep up with the customer support demands of a fast-moving launch. Launches are not easy. They are grueling even when everything goes well.

Pivoting mid-launch is a normal part of the game. Ask anyone who’s a veteran of Internet marketing launches. You have to change BIG THINGS on the fly when everything is moving quickly. You have to have very a nimble, capable team to pull it off well. Our team did ok but couldn’t handle the pivots. This left customer support with lots of gaps and customers wondering what’s going on.

All this lead to an excessive amount of chargebacks and refunds. So, as you can imagine, our merchant accounts got frozen and 100% of revenue locked up.

So now we had the one-two punch that would kill almost ANY company:
1) No product to deliver to paid customers
2) No way to generate revenue to get a new app built since we can’t process credit cards

That left me with the mess to clean up of unhappy customers and no way to fulfill what they want. To top it off, CRS can’t even launch anything to raise revenue because of banks.

What would you do in this situation?

Me? I was ready to quit. Ready to give up on my vision. I wanted to quit thousands of times. But I can’t quit. It’s just not in me. I gotta make this vision as real to others as it is to me.

Yeah I made mistakes of being too agressive with marketing but does that make me a failure? Or a con artist as some would have you believe?

No, I’m just a guy with a big vision and non-stop attitude to achieve it. So even though I’ve had every obstacle thrown in my path, I’m not stopping until I see this vision become a reality.

Long story short, we don’t have an app yet. I wasted MONTHS and a ridiculous amount of money on the wrong team to make it work.

So I’ve been forced to buckle down and bootstrap this whole thing myself. I figured out that to get what I want from my vision, I’m just gonna have to build it myself. So a few months ago I started on that path.

It’s been very long days and learning a lot of new skill sets.

Since the CRS event I’ve done a deep dive in all of the following:

  • Cybersecurity (working on my CISSP certification now)
  • Blockchain technologies: (Earned certification as ‘Certified Bitcoin Professional’ from the CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium)
  • The art of cyptocurrency and sidechain design
  • React Native mobile app development
  • Serverless software architecture
  • ReactVR (VR in the browser)
  • And several other bleeding-edge technologies including building dozens of my own private blockchains on Bitcoin Core, Ethereum, and Graphene.

I know this stuff now. Really well.

So, where does that leave CRS? Mogul?

We could focus on what’s not there and give up? Or we could keep going with the vision no matter what the naysayers are up to…

I’m not stopping so it’s all moving forward. We just slim it down and keep marching. The timelines have been pushed back but it’s all still in progress. Meanwhile I’ve been delivering live stream content weekly in our various FB groups.

With the app, several of you purchased the right to the source code. Well, as you now know, I haven’t had any source code in my posession to give you, even though CRS paid for it. I would have given it to you a long time ago had the team I hired delivered what I paid for.

So I’ve been building it myself. That’s why it’s taken so long. I had to literally start over from scratch right afer the CRS event.

I’ve been testing lots of leading mobile app development frameworks. I settled on React Native as our core framework. React Native is a very interesting framework based on Javascript. It was created and used by facebook for their own app development. It has a large user base and is heavily supported because of facebook. It’s the best framework going forward for us.

The original AR app shown in the links above was built with the Unity 3D Engine. That framework is really great too and has a lot of what we want in it. But ultimately it’s not working the way I need it to for our purposes. So I’ve focused on implementing ARKit (Apple’s AR engine) and facebook’s ReactVR into our mobile apps. Both those AR frameworks are heading the right way with AR in the way I see it being used.

Now that I have the right frameworks selected, it’s time to roll out the app. I’m gonna roll it out in stages as I get each phase ready to hand off.

Phased App Roll Out:

1) Matt’s Original Demo AR Unity3D App – This is the base demo app you see in all the links above. The whole source code is included as well as training videos from me on implementation of it.

This will be released to CRS customers in the member’s area on Friday October 13th, 2017

2) React Native Shell – This is the new framework we are using going forward. This is the shell app you will use to create your own campaigns. Training videos of course included to show how to implement.

This will be released to CRS customers in the member’s area on Friday October 20th, 2017

3) Create your own cryptocurrency with Gamified blockchain code – This will allow you to create your own blockchain and tie it to your React Native Shell. This is pretty advanced stuff but will be the way everyone does things in the future. You learn this WAY before everyone else

This is WAY ADVANCED training but you get to be ahead of the world with your own app and private blockchain.

This training will be released to CRS customers in the member’s area on Friday October 27th, 2017

4) ReactVR Gaming in mobile – This training will be completed once we have that built and working well in the main React Native Shell. It’s very cutting edge right now and pretty glitchy. I’m working on it and will crack it soon. You’ll have it once I have it working in stable form that’s usable for customer campaigns. I’m estimating this training will be released sometime mid-December.

OK that’s the big ‘ole update. Email be back with feedback.

I know many of you are disappointed with the delays. I am too. Believe me. None of this has gone the way I’ve wanted it to so far.

But I have to remind myself often that we are on the bleeding edge of all these things. No one in the world is tying all these technologies together just yet so we are pioneers. Pioneers get the arrows. It’s just how it goes.

I’ll take the arrows and keep moving forward. The vision is solid and the technology is there for mass adoption almost immediately so it’s a go.

You’ll get emails from me as the content promised above gets uploaded to the member’s area.

Thanks for your patience and understanding as we get this startup, started up.

Stay tuned,
Matt “Relentless” Trainer

P.S. For many months now I’ve been doing weekly training in the various facebook groups. If you aren’t in those groups and are a paid member then message me so I can get you added.

If still need anything at all you can email me directly at [email protected]


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