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Consumer Reality Services Community (Members Only)

Mogul 300 Game Training (Members Only)

Game Master Academy Access (Members Only)

This is a secret group and entry is very difficult and very expensive.
Contact [email protected] for entry.

Software Support Groups


Mad Labs VIPS:

Mad Money Mastermind:

Automati Paid Members:

Automated SEO Software Packages

Sales Builder Studio/SEO Werewolf/Stealth PBN

When you register for Sales Builder Studio and Werewolf, you are taken to separate registration pages. You need to create a different user for each different software. You can use the same email account for both, but you have to have to setup a different user name for both.

Once you have registered for both of them, you will receive an email from the Members Area from [email protected] which will have the username you created and the password that the system creates for you and the link to the login page to access your software.

Stealth PBN instructions:

Please read in full and follow the instructions fully and completely.

Automati 2.0 Support:

Request a support ticket here for any Automati login and support questions:

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